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April 7, 2019 Kitchen Decor

Bistro Kitchen Decor in Pizzeria Style

Bistro Kitchen Decor – If you do not have time to get a pizza, you can still get the feel of a bistro with fixing your own kitchen in style pizzeria for your kitchen. The advantages of style Italian pizzeria, with informal shades and colors are earthy and warm, combined with bold splashes of color, has been the inspiration for many a kitchen and pizza connoisseurs.

A painted mural that covers the entire wall is a great way to add a bistro kitchen decor in the kitchen. From these colors can depict rural farm and the hills of Tuscany. To up the gondola and the canals of Venice, or the ruins of Pompeii, there will be no shortage of ideas for the mural. If you do not have the soul of art, you can also buy a pre-fabricated mural for the room. Be sure to choose one that is resistant of oil and washable.

Decorating ideas for the kitchen pizzeria also includes framing poster featuring the work of Italian artist. You may also be able to choose the theme of “fat chef”, along with all kinds of other artwork themed pizza. Colorful tubes, plates, and pottery are displayed on open shelves can add a nice touch for bistro kitchen decor. You may also display your wine collection in the kitchen pizzeria on the wall or floor wrought iron wall rack.

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