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April 11, 2019 Wall Decor

Decora Switches for Walls

Decora switches can add really pleasing to the eyes wall decor. Vintage and modern decorations are available to choose from. Are you building new, adding lighting and wondering about electrical rocker light switches types you should install? There are some modern rocker switch variations, so review these options to find the best choice for your business and home before you buy. Modern Decora Switch was first introduced in the late 1970’s by Leviton. Then later by other manufacturers, this “new switch” fits into large square openings in wall plates contemporarily.

ADA compliant, the large paddle made them to turn on and off just with an easy flip or even by elbow poke when your arms are full of groceries, laundry or sleepy kids. You can find 15A and 20A options that available as well as in versions of single pole, 3-way and 4-way. Buy Decora switches above to suit your particular project so that able to create good looking walls.

2-Way Decora Switches – Electrical switches for light that work together in controlling a single light from boxes of two wall- an opposite hallway ends, both of a large room sides, or upstairs/downstairs – they are actually called as 3-way switches. Well, why they are called to be so is because of the three points in the circuit are the light along with two electrical switches.

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