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April 15, 2019 Pool Ideas

Designing Wood Deck Pool Ideas

Build wood deck pool above the ground not only improve the enjoyment of the pool, it enhances the appearance, too. Providing a place to sit and take in the sun between dips and help keep the pool clean. But exactly how does one go about building a deck around the pool? This article will give you some hints.

There are two aspects that make wood deck pool on the ground that complicated. The first challenge is that you’re building a deck around the square in a circular shaped object. Lumber comes only in the form of a straight and rectangular. You cannot go out and buy a curved board. The second challenge is that you’re building a deck attached to any structure. Most decks are bolted to the existing structures, such as houses. It requires the entry of additional bracing to keep the deck from toppling over.

When it comes to designing a wood deck pool is round, you have several options. One is to build a square deck with a round hole in the middle to accommodate a pool. This design is easier to build a framing members will all be in the same direction. Deck boards, running perpendicular to framing, will also be in the same direction.

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