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April 8, 2019 Decor Ideas

DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas Decor

DIY makeup organizer ideas – No longer you have to rummage through the drawer and open all the closets. With the following ideas and makeup organizers, you have all your ordered cosmetics and sight. To not miss a minute stir the trunk of memories!  Add a magnet on the bottom of your pallets, blushes, powders … and place them on a metal plate. You can decorate it, as in the picture, with a vintage style by adding an old frame around it.

DIY makeup organizer ideas places should be dealt makeup on a pastry tray. Not only have lip glosses and organized, but you will bring an original touch where you place it there. In addition to makeup, there are also ways to keep brushes placed. Fill a glass jar with a natural ingredient that provides consistency and where we can ‘stick’ brushes.

It is one of the ideas that you like, because anyone can do. You only need crystal glasses and glue or silicone. Stick them together, following the shape you like best or best suits your dresser (all in a row, pyramid, forming a square …) and separates the DIY makeup organizer ideas  between the vessels.

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