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April 7, 2019 Decor Ideas

DIY Planter Box Ideas

DIY planter box can be a very fun and interesting project in your weekend. How to build a planter box does not need a lot of creativity at all. Planter box with exterior frame both top and bottom by using cedar panels can be affixed to the bottom and frame. There are easy steps in how to build one for your needs. Build the frames, attach the side panels, attach the end panels, attach the bottom panels and finish the box are the steps that you can follow for sure. Do you want find out how? These are going to spark you some inspiring references.

How to build the frames – 1×2 cedar strips can be built to make frames both top and bottom. There will be no mitering that is necessary to do. Just make two 26 strips to two 13 strips to become fastened in the effort to form each frame in rectangular shaped. How to attach the side panels – The two frames can be made to stand on their sides. Then apply a wood glue bead to bottom side frame inside. How to attach the end panels – The half completed box can be made stand on its end and then apply wood glue bean to the bottom end frame inside. How to attach the bottom panels – Adjust your box necessarily for square. How to finish the box – Sand any edges and corners that rough to smooth out splinters lightly.

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DIY garden ideas with planter boxes are for sure in featuring amazing design of home both indoor and outdoor. The planter boxes can also be put in your windows and other spaces that you want to decorate so feel free in pouring your own ideas.

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