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April 14, 2019 Furniture Ideas

Easy DIY Ottoman Ideas

DIY ottoman can easy by using wood along with upholstery made of any fabric like leather and suede that dramatically will only cost $30-$600. It totally depends on the material as well when it comes to making ottoman furniture designs. The function does also takes role in determining the quality at high value so make sure to have everything well measured. You can simply expect to pay some more cash for the leather material and an ottoman which has a compartment of storage. You can make an ottoman from the scratch after all with easy and just on a budget way. Even though to have less woodworking skill, you can just cut, screw and attach padding and upholstery by using a staple gun.

First of all in how to make an ottoman is by drawing a diagram of the dimensions that you would like to have into the ottoman. Then assemble a box made of wood to the dimensions or just make sure to find a suitable that you would like to be covered. Then glue thick dense foam piece that preferably around 5 cm. Choosing in having the same size as the box top to it is recommended. Excluding the underside, just staple wadding around the entire box. Make sure to staple around the edging at 4cm increments to make sure the fixed wadding with the box sides.

You can simply upholster the ottoman with the desired fabric. Stapling the fabric to the box underside is the easiest way to cover it is which then pull the fabric over the top, side and opposite side. Later then, staple the fabric to the underside. You should be sure the fabric is tightly pulled to give the ottoman a flat finish nicely. Pull the fabric down with the other two sides then tuck the edges in for a really nice clean line. Then staple down the fabric on the ottoman underside. Staple a black felt fabric piece under the ottoman slightly measured smaller than the surface so that make create a nice finish on the underside. Then staple at 4cm increments for a really pleasing and professional look. WHALLA! DIY ottoman is yours now!

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