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April 13, 2019 Kitchen Decor

Easy to Mexican Kitchen Decor

Mexican kitchen decor –  is inherently cozy and appealing due to its incorporation of elements such as a warm color palette, distressed pine or oak cabinetry, ceramic or wrought iron hardware, floor, backsplash and countertop tiles, Mexican-inspired light fixtures, one hammered kitchen sinks and a myriad of Mexican accessories. Incorporate a warm, earthy color palette. Select distressed wood cabinetry.

Use tile. Add tiles for the backsplash areas, as a countertop surface or flooring as a way to strengthen the Mexican kitchen decor. Tiles that are raw and needy are perfect for a Mexican kitchen space. Further the look by mixing Mexican-inspired motifs and same-colored tiles to create a kitchen with extra visual interest.

Use Mexican-themed lighting. Install a specialty sink. Hammered copper is a material commonly found in Mexican cuisine decors and is known for its rustic beauty as well as its ability to resist bacteria. Add this unique sink for a touch of rustic warmth and stylish design. Add Mexican-inspired accessories. Pointers entire Mexican kitchen decor with jars of labeled Mexican spices, such as chili powder, cumin and coriander on a plate next to the stove. Hang bunches of braided chili pepper on a hook or show a colorful sombrero on a wall.

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