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April 16, 2019 Decor Ideas

Easy Steps of DIY Spice Organizer

There are many ways to make DIY spice organizer in your kitchen. Do you prefer to have a decorative spice accent or hide various sizes and shapes of bottles in your closet or drawer you can find many options for organizing. We all want to be the perfect furniture for our house. Unfortunately, the furniture is very expensive. You also do not know how well the piece. You may have flaws that would be obvious once you’re done for a long enough periods.

This is the idea of DIY spice organizer that will help you how to build a spice rack.  You need to cut the bottom shelf panel using the measurements taken from the bottle measurements spices you intend to put it in the spice rack for height, width and depth. Saw and should work well for this purpose. Cut sides with the same width as the bottom and is about a half tall or up, depending on your preference of bottled spices.

At the top of the front corner of each side pieces, drill ¼ holes in the same place in each section. The rear panel cut into ¼ “longer than the bottom plate and 4” higher than the edges. Cut ¼ “wedge at the top and behind the backboard. Cut a piece of the rear panel to fit the pieces inside and glue and nails on the first side. Move the dowel through the hole in the side with glue at the end to match the holes. Then, move the wedge in the hole and glue on the other side of the hole, the inner side of the rear panel, also on the direction of change. After that, Glue and nail the bottom. That’s all about DIY spice organizer.

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