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April 17, 2019 Kitchen Decor

Great Ideas Lime Green Kitchen Decor

Lime green kitchen decor – When decorating your kitchen, a color palette in earth tones is an ideal choice because it gives the room a warm welcoming atmosphere. However, if the yellowed walls and accessories so leave the space feeling monotonous, it may be time to introduce a little color in bold. Lime Green is an attractive accent color for a kitchen as a space instantly illuminates and draws the eye. You can incorporate into your kitchen in a variety of ways, depending on how prominent you want the lime green color that is. Curtains and sheets

One of the easiest ways to incorporate lime green kitchen decor accents in a kitchen is the use of bright shade for window treatments. You use curtains solid lime green if your kitchen walls feature walls with wallpaper or paint color neutral. However, if your kitchen is mostly white, consider a white and lime green striped pattern marked or for curtains.

Lime green kitchen decor, you can also brighten the appearance of stainless steel appliances black or lime green cloths drape through your oven and refrigerator handles. If your kitchen has a dining room, use lime green place mats or a tablecloth to liven up the space too. If your kitchen has white, cream or tan walls, you can add bright lime green accents them with templates. You can buy templates in a variety of shapes and patterns in an art store or home improvement, so you can select as simple or complex with a design to your liking.

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