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April 10, 2019 Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen wall decor – Kitchen walls will work best when they are both attractive and functional. Coming up with ideas, combining these principles is sometimes difficult, but with a little creativity, you can do it. Just look around your home. Assess the overall feel of your home as well as items that you can reuse in handy kitchen gear.

Painting is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to decorate kitchen wall decor. Bright, airy colors work best in a kitchen. As kitchens can become so hot, the brighter colors brighter atmosphere and make a small kitchen feel less crowded. Choose a warm cream, a buttery yellow, pastel teal blue or even a bright lime green. Cuisines also benefit from simple paint techniques like dry brush. Select several shades of the same hue, and paint the darkest color as a solid on your walls. Dip a dry brush to a lighter shade, the stain lightly and brush the color of the wall in a crisscross motion. Continue with your other shades, mix them well.

In most homes the kitchen is the axis around which the rest of the house faces. Family members pass in and out of the kitchen more often than they do any other part of the house. If this is the case in your home, making a kitchen wall decor in a message center. Paint the wall with chalkboard paint. Turn the entire wall of a blackboard or use a design. Paint blackboard stars, big dotted circles or wide stripes. Screw eye bolts into the wall, and tie the twine to a few pieces of chalk.

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