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April 13, 2019 Decoration Ideas

Monkey Themed Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations

Monkey themed baby shower ideas can be a good one for your baby shower. Actually, there are many shower ideas that you can apply, but sure, this is a good one. It is not only good to see by you or the adult one but this is a very interesting idea, cool, awesome, amazing and sure it is really funny and cute for your baby both boy and girl. Here are some ideas that you can consider to do the baby shower.

There are several ideas that you can do to apply and beautify your baby shower with this monkey theme. Let’s start with the invitation card. For the invitation card, you can design the invitation with the funny monkeys. Be sure about the content of the invitation card that is very interesting and attractive. The second idea is corsage. It also will be better if you make the corsage with the monkey theme. The next idea is about the flower. For the flower you can put the monkey doll that is very cute and funny.

The centerpiece should also be designed with the monkey theme. Here, put the bigger one of the monkey doll. Be sure to place the monkey in a funny position such riding a bicycle or others. The next idea that should be designed with this theme is the signage. Design the signage with this theme such as using the picture of the monkey, giving the text or banner and more. Do not forget also about the activities and the game.

There are several games that you can choose for your baby shower game. Here there are two games that you can choose. First game is the guessing game. Guessing game is still an attractive and interesting game that you can hold to the baby shower. The second game is memory game. This is also still an interesting and attractive game.

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