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DIY Daybed Plans

DIY Daybed Ideas Plans

April 10, 2019 Decor Ideas

Painting Birch Tree Stencil

Birch tree stencil – A small branch painted on the wall of a bed enhances the room or can enter a jungle atmosphere to the room of a child. A forest with branches, for example apples, a weeping willow, birch and palm trees, can be painted in the rooms of both children and adults. When painting an object naturally, you can visualize the sun shining strong and add some shadows projected on the bottom of the crust. Watch a photo of a tree as a guide when you paint the branch to decorate the bedroom.

Birch tree stencil draw the outline of the branch of a tree on the wall with a pencil. Use a template or freehand drawing to obtain the desired size and shape. The branches of the trees have a base shaped Y. Place brown, white and black paint on the palette or the plastic cover. It includes a touch of brown paint if you’re painting a white birch tree.

Birch tree stencil, apply brown paint in the center of the trunk and branches with a move along. Use white paint if the branch is a birch tree. Dip the brush in white paint and paint over 1/4 inch of wet brown paint along the branch. White and brown should be mixed a bit, creating a tan. Lava paint brush with water. For a birch, used paint light gray instead of white to paint the top of the branch.

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