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Sock Hop Party Ideas and Decorations

Sock hop party ideas can be good to try for the party such as birthday and other celebrations. But sure, this is not an easy idea to create the party with this design. It is because there are just few party stores that still selling Sock Hop party decoration. So you will need some ideas in order to get the party with these ideas but sure you will not find the difficulty. First you need to do is be creative.

For creating this sock hop party, you will need some creative ideas from the invitation card, party decoration including the dress and all element of the party such cakes. Let’s start with the invitation card. For the invitation card you can make the invitation like a record. This may be a big and old thin but sure, it is unique. Then for the party decoration you can apply the ideas of Soda Shop. This will be interesting since you hang more records as the accessories to the party.

You can also give the linen for the table party that you will use for the center of the party. For the linen, you can get the record to the white cloths. So there will be some records on the table. Do not forget about the banners. Kids will love banners so create the banners and attach the records on the banners. The last is about the food. It depends on what you like.

Decoration will be near to the wall colors of the party room. For the wall color, you can choose the color with the black plastic cloth that will cover the entire wall in a black. It will seem that wall will be in black, but sure you can install white curtains to cover some of the black colors.

Main dishes

Nothing could be easier than the main course at a hop sock – accumulate all-American burgers and turn off the condiments. Forget fancy focaccia loaves or even whole wheat bread; Ordinary white bread rolls are the ’50s standard. Pass fancy bindings, too; Yellow plain mustard, ketchup and relish in plastic containers adapt to the theme. If you feel the need to add vegetables, add freshly sliced tomatoes and lettuce. If you want to serve two main courses, put grilled hot dogs on the other side of the plate.


Fries or onion rings make the perfect side dishes for a ’50s sock hop. Chips can be substituted as a side dish for one on your heavy white China dinner. If you do not have plain white porcelain, other popular 50s colors like pink and turquoise can work as well.

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Soda real fountain drinks can be hard to find unless you have your own set-up and know how to mix a perfect egg cream but Cola is the drink of choice at a sock hop party. Root Beer can serve another choice. If you are looking for more adult refreshments, put the wine in the refrigerator and bring out the beer. Or spike the fruit punch and a glasses of drink that hanging on off the punch bowl.


Root Beer or cherry coke floats complete a good sock hop dinner, especially if you provide tables for two and two straws – paper, not plastic – in each beverage. Milk shakes or malts work just as well, especially if you take fountain glasses with fluted bottoms at a resale store to serve them. If you prefer a dessert you can sink teeth, cook a brownie madman recipe pan or a cherry pie, both served in fashion with vanilla ice cream on top. If you go for intelligence rather than authenticity, decorate a round cake with dark glaze made to look like an old LP or 45. Do not forget to turn off the toothpicks and chewing gums after dinner.

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