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April 19, 2019 Kitchen Decor

Unique Peacock Kitchen Decor

Peacock kitchen decor – The peacock feathers are one of the elements of natural origin with greater brilliance, colorful and unique. Not only the females of the species are attracted by its powerful appeal, but have crossed the barriers of their real origin to become the obsession of different decorators around the globe. The dark hues mixed with certain dyes in green, gold and many other aggregates generate a single view, worthy of one of the samples exotic and beautiful of our planet. In this post we share some ideas for decorative use thereof.

Peacock kitchen decor ideas to decorate one egg cup common, giving a warm country style with this colorful peacock made with fabrics and painted with acrylics. As always, we will be guided step by step. List of materials, instructions, and then molds. Paint the egg cup green.  Mark mold double canvas Peacock and wings. Spending ocher dry brush around the edges.

Peacock kitchen decor, cut off the edge and fill. Mark and sew jeans (denim) double mold cap. Cut, paste and fill the cup to the brim. Decorate with ribbon. Mark mold peak more wadding more fabric cloth, zigzag sewing and cutting. Glue the beak to head with the cap. Dial in white cloth neck mold.

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