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April 17, 2019 Decoration Ideas

Wedding Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas

Trunk or treat decorating ideas are good to do for your wedding. Indeed, there are many ideas for decorating trunk and treat of your car at the wedding. Sure, as you know wedding party should be the best moment and should be prepared and designed well. It is the first time of your new life. Therefore, the wedding should be an amazing one for the dress, cakes, design and also the trunk or treat decoration. Here are the ideas.

There are many ideas that you can do to apply here. First idea is Noah’s Ark. For this decoration, put the adult wear with white beard that is long as the representative of Noah and also stuffed animals as the representative the animals that are on the ark. To make the mini ark that is around of the trunk, you can use the cardboard. If you need it larger, then you use plywood. Second idea is fall colors. If you have a plan to offer the festival games at the trunk, you can choose this fall colors for sure. Put such hay, scarecrows, pumping and other decoration that is related to the fall.

Third idea, if you love a pirate, then chest of pirate’s treasure can be a good one. This is very popular for kids of course. The idea is creating the trunk just like the chest of the pirate. You can start with the weathered map, pirate flag, old and wooden box as the pirate’s treasure chest, plastic sword and more.

The other ideas of the trunk or treat is Halloween fun, spider web, bake shop, candy utopia, and more. Just make sure all the ideas above are designed well. You can go online to see the decoration for the trunk or treat ideas decoration. Those are some ideas that you can apply for the wedding decoration of trunk or treat.

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